Rent a limousine – think about this


Are you thinking about renting a limousine? Then this article is for you!

There are not just one type of limousine out there, there are many different kinds. So if you thought it was difficult to choose before, then it will be even more difficult after reading this article!

There are many reasons why you might want to rent a limousine. Here are some occasions when you may feel it’s right:

  • Wedding, engagement day
  • When you want to celebrate a big win, example a casino win
  • Birthdays
  • Party night
  • Prom

In a limousine, you and your fellow passengers travel comfortably and luxuriously. Normally up to 8 passengers can travel in the back of the limo, but there are some extreme examples of limousines that have a capacity of up to 21 passengers. Next step is a limo bus if you want more passengers to be accommodated. So when you plan to hire a limousine, first thing is to think about how many passengers that need to be seated.

Next thing to think about is the appearance. Most limousines are black or white, but there are limousines in other colors as well. There are also two-coloured limousines where the roof is in a different color.

When you have decided which limo size you want you should think about the equipment. Many limousines are equipped with tv-screens, mini bar, stereo and effectual interior courtesy lights. The equipment can differ between various limousines, so ask the rental firm before you hire if you have any particular requests.

Often the cars have leather sofas and tinted windows. Some have a red carpet that are folded when the doors opens.

Here’s a list of common limousine types:

  • Lincoln Town Car
  • Chrysler 300C limousine
  • Cadillac Escalade Stretch Limousine
  • Hummer Limousine

Usually the rental fee includes the cost of the driver and the rent is often debited per hour.