Rent a Wreck – wait, what?

Renting an old car

Rent-a-wreck, a movement that grows and grows. It started about 40 years ago in the United States, and have grown constantly since then. The idea is to offer a cheaper alternative to rental cars, instead of the usual rental places.

Rent-a-wreck is quite as it sound, but not exactly. I you rent at a station, don’t expect a factory new car with the top morden technique. It’s not the point. Instead, they offer a bit older cars for a lower price. It’s still very safe and nice cars, just not factory new. It can be cars and vehicles that other rental stations have had and sold out to make room for the new models. It can also be cars bought from companies that have done the same thing, or even cars that are last years model. They are all safe to drive and not at all a wreck, even if the name implies it.

Renting a cheaper car can be very advantageous, since it allows you to have it for a longer time or getting some extra spending money. It’s just as safe and easy to use as the factory new, so you will not have to fear for suffering a malfunction on the road. Instead of doing to a general renting station, and getting a brand new but very expensive car, you can look up where to rent “a wreck”.

Unfortunately, it is still not so widely known around the world and finding a station can be tricky. The usual renting companies often has more stations and it’s easier to find one of them.┬áThese can also have some kind of cheaper and a bit older alternatives sometimes, but it’s still a bit rare. If you find one however, we can recommend to rent there if you feel comfortable with it, and if you want to save some money.