What is one way rental?

One way rental

One Way Rental option

If you ever rented a car, or looked into renting, you’ll probably heard of One way rental. This may be a question that you’ll bump into when renting and it’s good to know what it is. Sometimes, the company that provides the vehicles may ask about this option. If this happens, it’s good to have an understanding about that.

Standard or one way?

First you should know that one way rental often is not standard. It’s not guaranteed to have a one way rental option. Most common is the other way of renting, where you rent and return you car on the same station. This can be very useful if you are moving in the same area and when your journey starts and ends on the same location. Perhaps you are visiting a new town for a few days, or you are renting a car for an to-and-from journey. If this is the case, it’s very suitable with a regular renting.

However there is times when you are not to end in the same place as you started. Maybe you need to travel a certain way to somewhere and are not to return afterwards. If you are to rent a car for only one way, it’s wise to use the One way rental.

As simple as it sounds

The principle is simple. Rent your car or vehicle at one place and return it on another.

But it’s not just any car rental company that is possible to go with a one way rental. It takes certain conditions to do this. First of all, there must be a company that has a station in both your starting destination, and your final destination. It’s very rare that two or more companies works together and makes one way rental possible. It’s of course necessary for both stations to collaborate with car rental, so the know what car was rented to which person, and to make sure it’s in the correct condition and in the right dates.

Not all companies

It’s also needed for the company to have this possibility. Even though it may be the same company that runs both stations, it’s not guaranteed to have the one way rental option. Make sure to check with the company of your choice before you rent it. It’s never a happy time if you found out you need to return it to where you got it. However, if you find a one way rental company which matches your demands, the procedure is more or less the same as in the standard way. Book, rent, use, return.

With this simple information, we hope you are more informed about how one way renting works. Please check in on us again for more information, tips and guides.

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