What to look for when renting a car

Know what to look for when renting a car

There is a lot to get the hang of when renting a car. It may not be easy to get everything to add up and know what a good renting place, or a bad renting place is. What should you have? What terms are all right and what are a rip-off? Here, I’ll explain some things to focus at.

  • Location/pick up spot – you will get more out of your renting if you rent your car from a suitable location. Having to travel far and wide just to get to your station, or your wished location, is never a fun activity. You will enjoy your renting a lot more if it’s convenient and easy to pick up your car, and if you don’t have to travel all to long for you to reach your destination. Also, there is an economical aspect of this as well. It might be convenient to step in the car just after you get off the train or airplane, but it may also cost a bit. Perhaps it’s better to take the bus or walk a bit to where you can pick it up. You may save some money, and as long as it’s not to hard to get there it might be worth it. If you don’t want to return the car where you rented it you can also look for one way rental companies.
  • Fuel policy – are you driving a lot, or just a little? The full-to-full option may sometimes be very cheap and money smart, but if you plan on driving a lot it may not be the suitable option. Paying for the miles and eventual extra gas may be a better choice if you are to drive more and a linger distance. Be sure to have this planned ahead, and do some research of what policies the companies have.
  • Space – being squished together is never fun and it can easily ruin an otherwise very nice trip. Make sure your car has a lot of space for you, your bags and your friends if they are joining. It might cost a bit extra for a bigger car, but with more people sharing it will not be that much of a difference. A smaller car might be suitable if you are to drive it alone, but as soon as you get a passenger or two, it can be crowded and unpleasant.

Also, make sure you feel comfortable with the car, as well as with he company and policies. Having a bad feeling when renting is never good and it will also potentially ruin your trip. Remember to make sure you are up to date with all policies, and that nothing is unclear or seems strange.