Insurance – good to know

Insurances can be tricky

When renting a car, it’s important to have an insurance. Of course the plan is to get through the journey safe and sound, but accidents do happen. There can be mishaps, the human factor is a part of life and there can be things that you simply cannot control. Therefor, an insurance is important to have. Although, it can be a bit tricky to get the hang of everything. Here’s a guide for you, hopefully it will help you understand more about car rentals and insurances.

Insurances are often written in shortenings, which makes it even more confusing than it already is. In the list below, we have collected the most usual kinds of insurances. If you read and understand this, you will be well prepared for what you might encounter when renting a car.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is the first and basic insurance that you should make sure to have. If you have this, you will not have to stand for all cost if it were to happen something. With the CDW you’ll only have to pay for the excess, which can be different between the different companies. However it does not cover for damages on the roof, tires, wheels and undercarriage.

Theft Protection (TP) is exactly what it sounds like. With this you will not be needed to pay for all cost if the car is stolen, or if someone tries to steal it. All you will need to pay for is the deposit, the so called excess. This is also a given insurance to have, since you will ont have to stand there with a stolen car and have to pay for it.

These to insurances are the most common and they are usually included in the rental. However, it’s wise to make sure you have them. With these, you can feel safe and it will cover up most of the damages.

Super Damage Waiver (SDW) is the upgraded version of the CDW, which eliminates the excess. This insurance is complementary and will often be very expensive. If you can take another insurance instead of this, it’s wise to do.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) will cover the costs if a person gets hurt. It covers the damage on two persons in the car, and can be a good complement if you feel it’s necessary.

Personal Effect Coverage (PEC) will cover damage of your valuables. Most times, your other personal insurance will still cover this area and you’re better off with not buying this insurance to the rental car.

Make sure to see what insurances is included when you rent your car. Keep in mind that the CDW and TP is the most important ones, and that you mostly will be fine with these. Try to look out for the shortenings and make sure to only take the insurances you feel are needed for you.