Month: May 2017

Different vehicles to rent

If you think about renting a car, you might see a mini-van or small every-day car in front of you. This is not the only things that are available to rent – there is a lot of different categories to rent from. There is of course very simple cars to rent, like the regular model […]

What to bring when renting a car

When you are to rent a car from a station, you need to be prepared. First of all, make sure you know what kind of premisses is valid for this station. When should it be returned, how many miles you are allowed to drive and such things. I can recommend you to have this decided […]

Rent a Wreck – wait, what?

Rent-a-wreck, a movement that grows and grows. It started about 40 years ago in the United States, and have grown constantly since then.┬áThe idea is to offer a cheaper alternative to rental cars, instead of the usual rental places. Rent-a-wreck is quite as it sound, but not exactly. I you rent at a station, don’t […]